How to choose a restaurant group purchasing organization

Want to stop battling for the best prices on necessary restaurant food and supplies?  A group purchasing organization (GPO) could be just what you need. As a seasoned restaurant and food service expert, I can confidently declare that joining a GPO is among the best moves you can make for your company.  With access to special pricing and services that aren’t accessible anywhere else, you’ll save time and money while improving guest satisfaction with better value.

But a Group Purchasing Organization is more than simply cost savings; it’s also about getting the appropriate fit.  You want a person who listens to your issues and provides solutions that are specific to them.  Unfortunately, finding a GPO that satisfies your requirements is difficult, given the limited number of GPO options for restaurants. 

Thriving Restaurants is different. Our GPO works countless hours to partner with our clients to find the best products at the lowest price. We work tirelessly to pursue the best contracts, and our clients see much better results than working with other GPOs.


Thriving Restaurants GPO:

– Exclusive discounts and services

– Dedicated account representatives

– Low/No cost to join

– No minimum purchases

– On-demand support

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